Drivers and auto critics all throughout the country recognize the Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester as two class-leading icons in family-friendly crossover SUVs. However, the question remains: which offers more for the average New Hampshire family? Car and Driver, a prestigious review publication, recently decided to answer this question with a comparison of the two crossover SUVs. The author of the article, Mike Sutton, compared the top two trim levels of both SUVs and tested them based on their road performance, and interior space. Let us tell you a bit about Sutton's findings here at Honda Barn, where the new Honda CR-V resides among our inventory.

Great Performance and Versatility

In this comparison, Sutton and his team first compared them based on their drivability, where the Honda CR-V shined in torque and acceleration. "With the Honda's modest weight advantage over the Subaru combined with its greater abundance of low-end torque—179 lb-ft peaking at 2000 rpm versus the Forester's similar twisting might peaking at 4400 revs—the CR-V’s 7.4-second zero-to-60-mph time is more than a second fleeter than the Subie's," Sutton wrote. "Along with linear and precise steering, there's a feeling of responsiveness and composed body motions in the CR-V that are lacking in the Forester, which is better suited to plodding along with traffic."

A Cavernous Interior for Cargo and Passengers

Sutton also shed light on the interior cabins and cargo volume of both SUVs, praising the Honda CR-V and its "rather clean and straightforward design." In comparing their trunk spaces, Sutton and his team used carry-on bags one might take to the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease. They found that the Forester actually carried one more carry-on behind the second-row seats. However, when folding in the rear seats to free up maximum cargo space, the Car and Driver team found that the Honda CR-V holds 25 carry-on bags over the 23-bag capacity of the Forester. If you plan on bringing camping equipment out to Henderson Forest in Exeter, you might appreciate this extra volume.

Check Out the Honda CR-V Today

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