Be Prepared This Year

To say that winter is a tough season for our area is an understatement, and your Honda model in Stratham can handle its share of beatings. Whether it's snow, cold temperatures, or handling long distances for holiday travel, your Honda CR-V, Accord, Pilot, Civic, Ridgeline, or HR-V deserves to be prepared. Our Honda service center near Portsmouth NH has you covered.

Our team takes care of your necessary New England winter Honda service near Exeter NH, including snow tire swaps, purchasing snow tires, oil changes, fluid top-offs, brake checks, wiper blade replacement, and everything else under the hood. Do you have the right washer fluid in your car? Certain liquids can freeze in the extreme temperatures, so being prepared is key to survival. We can help you to ensure you have winter washer fluid in your vehicle, and that other areas are in working order.

While some share the belief that all-season tires are "good enough" to get you through winter, we know that this is not true when you're up against a New Hampshire winter. Heavy snow, sudden changes in weather, and freezing temperatures are nothing to toy with, and only snow tires can withstand the punishment of a New England snow storm. Not only that, but ensuring your vehicle has had a service appointment to inspect for any compromising issues in your vehicle, whether it's low brake pads or fluid levels.

Before traveling to our Honda service center near Brentwood NH, be sure to contact us by calling 603-772-7300 to discuss your winter maintenance needs. You know that you can't take chances with your vehicle, and being prepared is the way to ensure you enjoy your travel to the full extent. We are your go-to resource for everything your Honda model needs this season, and every season for that matter, and we want your safety more than anything else.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us today for the answers.

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