“I’ll Just Sell It Myself”
(Benefits of Trading Your Car)
By Bob Hajjar, GSM
Honda Barn
At Honda Barn, customers always ask if they should sell their car on their own, or trade it in. With many years in the auto industry, trading-in appears to be the better route and here's why I believe so...
  • You'll save time and angst
  • It’s convenient
  • Honda Barn handles the paperwork for legal transfer
  • Honda Barn handles pay-off
  • Honda Barn will pay more than KBB value
  • Use the cash towards a purchase of a newer vehicle
  • Depending what State you live in, there could be tax advantages
Cons - Are you willing to...
  • Front your own money to pay-off the vehicle to get the title?
  • Advertise it (clean it, take pictures, make your car stand out from others)?
  • Process the paperwork?
  • Wait for prospective buyers to show up at your home? Late? Unannounced?
  • Make repairs if buyer asks?
  • Start over if buyer’s financing falls through?
  • Answer phone calls any time of day/night?
  • Wait for your new car?
  • Have no possible tax advantage?
When you trade-in your car at Honda Barn, you enjoy your new ride that day. No worries about advertising, strangers coming to your house, hopes being lost, any paperwork, payoff, etc. The car is no longer yours to worry about!
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