Get the Right Protection for Your Honda Model for as Long as You Own it, Here at Honda Barn!

Whether you recently found a new or used Honda from us here at Honda Barn in Stratham, NH, or you are still looking, it is important that you consider the right protection and warranties for your investment. After all, while Honda models are known for their resilience, accidents and breakdowns can occur in the engine, drive shaft and other propulsion systems. However, with the Honda Barn Exclusive Lifetime Protection, you will find that these more important components of your vehicle are well-protected from any wear-and-tear. This gives you access to high-quality repairs when you need them the most, through our service center, at zero deductible. Let us take a look at what the Honda Barn Lifetime Protection Plan can offer you and your new or used Honda!

What Does "Lifetime" Mean?

Yes, this is a question people often ask us about the protection plan, as to whether the term "lifetime" is referring to the life span of the vehicle or its owner. Well, lifetime in this case simply means that the vehicle's propulsion systems are covered for as long as you own the vehicle with no mileage restrictions, unlike many other warranties you will find. As long as you purchase a new or used Honda from Honda Barn, your Honda model will enjoy the benefits of this extra protection for as long as you own the vehicle. There is no additional charge for this protection plan.

Which Components are Covered Under the Plan?

"Propulsion system" is another term for the "powertrain," which itself refers to any component which makes the vehicle go forward or backwards. This includes the engine, transmission, and other pieces of equipment that are related including the driveshaft and differential. If any of these components wears down, breaks, or simply requires additional maintenance, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with our service center and bring the vehicle in. Our service center technicians will fix the problem immediately, inspect the vehicle to ensure no future problems arise, and get the vehicle back in your possession with zero deductible to you.

With that said, there is one caveat to this Exclusive Lifetime Protection Plan: maintenance. Regular manufacturer-required maintenance visits must be scheduled to ensure the components of your new or used Honda model continue to function properly. This protection plan does not include oil changes or tire rotations, as those must be scheduled according to your manufacturer-required maintenance plan, which can be located in your Honda Owner's Manual.

Get Protection for Life!

This Honda Barn Exclusive Lifetime Protection Plan is available on all new or pre-owned Honda models which we have for purchase or lease here at Honda Barn. Lifetime protection is just one of the many ways in which we like to give back to our customers and help you protect your investment for as long as possible. You may inquire about this protection plan and bring any other questions you may have to our sales representatives when you test drive a new or pre-owned Honda right here at Honda Barn in Stratham, NH. We hope to see you soon!